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Greetings Beautifuls!,

Fetish Temple is just returned from Burning Man and XXX~Cited to indulge in all sorts of wonderful new creativity!  While I'll spare you the specific details of my adventures, I will say that over the years I have cultivated the practice of approaching not only my BDSM work & play as Sacred Shamanic experiences to be explored, but also events like the Burn as well.  In the spirit of free gift exchange that is the currency of the Playa, I offer the following share in similar fashion as a gift for you:

In addition to the idea that "the unexamined life is not worth living", a nice piece of advice via Socrates, we also have the option to make every exchange in life, and I do mean every single one ever, an opportunity for personal and mutual empowerment.  Diving in, drinking deep and often of life's experiences with eyes wide open can inform and shape your life and that of others in healthy, positive ways.  More profound than you can imagine are the pieces of the mystery of life when you move to share the symbolic results of your findings with the world in helpful ways.  Let whatever BDSM activity or life experience in which you create, find yourself and consciously partake work for you as if you were a Shaman plunging the mystery of life.   From your other world spelunking, bring the gems you discover out of the darkness and into the light and shine the many facets of your findings for healing because raising one another's well being helps everyone.

With Leather Love,

~ Lauren L'Varado - Fetish Temple

There is a way in...
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Great Pleasure and Satisfaction

Please allow me to communicate Great pleasure and Satisfaction with the pieces you have crafted. I had mentioned how my girl has names for my floggers. These were not always clear to me. Apparently your creation solidified things. After the first session it was related to me that my mop is "Darling", my Heavy bison flogger is "Genevieve", and then... your Cutter is "Natasha, she's a Bitch - I LOVE HER". Been laughing since, and working on artful distributions of the markings the cutter can so easily leave.

As far as the belts, they are extraordinary. Simply put: The Best. I will be ordering another one or two soon.

Link to Fetish Temple purple and black Cuffer Flogger and bondage belts